Website as my business card

I am an industrial technical engineer and engineer in automation and industrial electronics. I was born in Majorca and educated there and Barcelona. I currently reside in London (UK) since late 2010 working in online marketing.

After a year and a half of starting my career in Mallorca in an office doing engineering, both technical and commercial work, I found the opportunity to grow in the UK in a personal and professional level.

I am currently working in digital marketing, which has allowed me to learn a non-technical and unknown side for me so far and where I always wanted to go, business. I think that an engineer with knowledge and skills in business can be a winning combination for many companies or even personal projects.

This website comes from the idea that we are always selling products, working to create or enhance brands, developing websites and search engine optimization strategies… When we would not forget our most important product and brand, oneself.

In the age of information and easy access, social networks where every day our lives are more public, it is important to have a good professional business card accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.

On this website you can find my professional career so far in my CV, projects or conferences that I have participated in the working section; My thoughts and point of views in my blog and my contact details for those who may be interested in knowing more about me or want to discuss anything described here.