Jennifer Sunshine 

Global Digital Marketing, General Electric

14th August 2017

“Bernat is one of the best agency partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He cares about your business as much as you do. He goes above and beyond what is expected to help you achieve your goals. I cannot say enough good things about Bernat.”

Cindy Chang 

Global Digital Channel Marketing Leader, General Electric

16th Jan 2017

“I enjoyed been a client of Bernat’s and his team. His leadership to his team, passion for serving, and persistence on helping to reach client’s business goals are incomparable. Bernat always goes above and beyond the SOWs and think for our business, and always hitting our goals. It’s rare to find such digital expert with such high-level client goal-driven service.”

MEC logoSascha Ehrentraut 

Group Director & Head of Search and Programmatic, MEC Global

21st May 2015

“Bernat is one of the most conscientious people I have worked. He takes immense personal pride in the work that he does and is constantly striving to get more out of himself and more out of his team. His work often went over and above what was expected. It was a great pleasure to work with him and I hope to have the opportunity again in the future! ”

Apple_logo copiaStephanie Vidal 

Head of Advertising, Apple

13th November 2014

“Very service and client oriented, it’s a great pleasure to work and partner with Bernat. He has great presentation skills too – making any report interesting with some insightful details. Bernat’s passion for analytics is contagious !”

bernat riera regusJennifer Lillis

Marketing Director, Regus

16th May 2013

“It was a pleasure to work with Bernat. His attention to detail and dedication to finding solutions to business-critical issues were key to our success. His SEM expertise was beneficial to our North American campaigns and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

bernat riera regusVerónica Jiménez

Regional Marketing Manager, Regus

14th May 2013

“During the time Bernat was managing Latam SEM account we could identify an improvement in the campaign performance trough whole countries. Bernat is an strategist and knows how to apply his knowledge in order to achieve the company goals. It was a pleasure working as a team member with him”

Beatriz Lamas 

Head SEM en Regus y

7th November 2012

“I had the pleasure of working with Bernat Riera for 1 year and a half as part of my team at Regus. He joined the team to work on the North America PPC accounts and quickly took the lead of the accounts and show great results. Ambitious employee with boundless energy, this is Bernat. Dedicated worker and always ready to put all his energy to get the job done. He was a key part of my team on my time at Regus and it is always a satisfaction working with such a passionate worker. Bernat is an organised and strategist marketer and has both a creative and analytical profile which makes him a great addition to any team.”


bernat riera regusKevin Whitchurch 

Director of Global Online, Regus

17 de Mayo 2013

“Bernat is a very talented SEM professional who did a remarkable job at Regus under enormous pressure. Faced with the near impossible of managing the North America account he not only met the challenge but exceeded expectation. It was a sad day for the business and myself personally when Bernat understandably moved on. He has a very positive career ahead of him in the industry.”

Ewa Kozlowska 

PPC Executive en Regus

17th December 2012

“I had an amazing opportunity to work with Bernat. I found him extremely smart, knowledgeable and professional at every level. He has the best analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. I am glad I could learn from him, he was a fabulous manager, one of kind. Great sense of humor. In one word? Irreplaceable.”

Ana Pedrosa 

PPC Senior Executivo en Regus

 4th October  2012

“Bernat is my manager since 6 months ago and we work together on a daily basis. During this time he proved to be really helpful and knowledgeable, and most important, he is not afraid of sharing his knowledge with the rest of the team. Apart from being a team player, his analytical and strategic thinking skills make him a great manager. I therefore recommend him to any prospective employer.”

Laura Izquierdo 

SEM account manager at Regus

18th June 2012

“On both a professional and personal level, I’ve never met anyone as hard-working as Bernat. A naturally warm and encouraging individual who is truly passionate about digital marketing and e-commerce; No matter how complex the project, Bernat is never afraid to take a calculated risk and experiment with new innovations. Bernat’s work ethic, knowledge of the industry and friendliness made him an excellent colleague that I would thoroughly recommend.”

Jamie Ludow 

Marketing Executive en Regus

29th November 2011

“Bernat has a genuine passion for internet marketing, he is very hard working and carries out his work with a smile. His attention to detail in the work he produces is fantastic and I hope to work with similar candidates during my marketing career.”

José Luis Romeral 

Marketing Executive en Regus

27th February 2009

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