Letter from London – 6 years after

You just came into my blog thinking … “He’s been there 6 years already?” Unbelievable, I know. The thing is that’s time that has passed for both of us. Let’s analyse this period together while you read it.

A great year

You should try to be worthier every day as a person and if it’s difficult to measure it on a daily basis at least at the end of every year.

In January 2016 I decided I wanted to end the year worthing more and I have pursued several objectives restlessly during the whole year which I want to write a full post about at the end of the year. I am proud of my method and I already have in my mind what I want to achieve in 2017. Stay tuned for when I publish it and challenge yourself to do the same.
Am I talking about ‘time’ again? Yes, That’s all it counts or count less, depends on your perspective.  I remember saying in my first letter that in London the life style goes 3 times faster than in Mallorca. I got used to. Although I had bad times when I was back to the island and having to reduce my pace, until one day I read a very good book entitled ‘Queridos Mallorquines’ in which the author explains that the pace is slower but you have to enjoy it like that. In fact he compares it like when you are hearing a good song forwarding it faster and not receiving or appreciating the full artwork so at the end it’s you who is wasting his own time.
I want to make a plan to be rich. Wow! That’s quite ambitious and bold to say it here publicly, right? It will be said by those who didn’t read my note in 2012 . And Im not yet, but I just want to go for my financial independence for me and my loved ones.

My fiancee

Ester and I have been traveling a lot this year. We went to Thailand in November, skiing for the first time in my life in Andorra, then NYC, Washington and Milwaukee in January for work and most importantly in March to Maldives, where I proposed to her.

A proposal for a princess, on an private island with the moonlight and during a dinner in the middle of the ocean. A diamond and a video to remember it forever. The trip continued across Japan and eating tones of sushi. Travel companions and lovers forever.


How last a ‘forever’? The moment that one of the two only cares about what he/she takes from the relationship rather than what they put into it. That’s the answer.

If we try to be in a relationship as we were at the beginning it wouldn’t end. The best is still to come and let’s not sacrifice our happiness as easy when your partner does something in a way that is not exactly the way you would do it.

We get married next year possibly in the most emblematic landmark from the island. It couldn’t be otherwise. I couldn’t take her to another altar.


For a while I thought my last letter from London would be when we were expecting or having children, but this year I realised that what can really change my place of residence is the health of my parents. My biggest pain of being in London is not being with them even if I’m being honest, I fly a lot to Mallorca and probably I spend more time with them than many other relatives.

Both of them have had their difficulties and their overcoming stories. Many years waiting for their retirement to enjoy life and now that they are retired, what matters the most is to survive with the best quality of life. Sorry again to be talking about time but some people don’t get it yet.

Now it’s your time

The first letters were more designed for you, to encourage you ‘to do’. And if you were scared then to do it with fear. Then I changed my tone to a more personal one and wrote as a diary.  But in this sixth letter Im back to push you:

  • Increase your worth year on year – personal and professionally. Think about what and how you will measure that increase and success.
  • Invest smartly but invest. Do not exchange your time for money because you will never be rich.
  • If you’re 30 then you have 19,000 days of life left (according to statistics). And the days go by pretty fast.
  • Free your time to enjoy more of your family and friends.


If someone who doesn’t know me reading my blog they may think who is this guy who only speaks about Mallorca and progress?. But I don’t want to motivate unknowns, if so I would consider other formats. This is for those who know me and I’d love to know what you think or what you will do to progress. Make it public here by leaving a comment:

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