Author of the book 'Visibility Online'

book digital marketing author Visibility Online will help your business get seen on the Internet, and earn money while you sleep. This essential business strategy guide will take you from idea to execution, from having zero online presence, to making money online with a powerful website.

  • Step 1 – Earn money while you sleep
  • Step 2 – Build a website from scratch with WordPress
  • Step 3 – SEO Positioning
  • Step 4 – Online advertising SEM
  • Step 5 – Usability and User Experience
  • Step 6 – Analysis and Measurement

Visibility Online is the definitive guide in 2017 to creating a digital marketing 4.0 strategy, working from a shoestring budget up as high as you can visualise. An essential marketing and digital transformation book for any business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur, and anyone who has the ambition to become a millionaire!

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Business Consultant and Digital Marketing

SEM, SEO, online business development and strategy

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Bing new ideas to any work process, deliver more than expected and find the idea that increase value to the project.


I like the professional challenge and work for my team to help to succeed. Hunger and perseverance kept my motivation to continuous improvement.


The balance between perfection and timing bring my best project manager skills, controlling time and resources available.

Business Developer
Strategy and Planning
Electronic Engineering
Web Development

About me

I am an industrial technical engineer and engineer in automation and industrial electronics. I was born in Majorca and educated there and Barcelona. I currently reside in London (UK) since late 2010 working in online marketing.

I believe that an engineer with knowledge and skills in business can be a winning combination for many companies or even personal projects.

On this website you can find my professional career so far in my CV, projects or conferences that I have participated in the working section; My thoughts and point of views in my blog and my contact details for those who may be interested in knowing more about me or want to discuss anything described here.