All is about time

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I wrote this for those people I met that boasted about money, or even more for those who wasted their time.

The money or power will be variable along the life and depends on how much everyone accomplishes. To get it or lose it. The really important thing is time. This is the only resource we have and it will be exhausted for sure.

So, from my point of view, richness will not be for anyone with money, but for those who know to manage the time, who anticipate and predict, who take advantage of where and when. Who spend time with whom they wish to spend it, who did not want to stop learning and who want to leave a legacy.

In this limited time, how to choose will be key to happiness. We have no time to live in all over the world, or be surrounded by all people or learn everything, or to work in every company. Evaluate and choose. Do what you feel. Clock is ticking.

A book told me that you must wear two things, a Watch and a Compass. What do you want? Go for it.

Everybody has dreams and everyone can reach them, you just need to limit them in terms of time to turn them into goals. Since then, everything we do will be to achieve them, if not, the ship is going off track. Because it was never late for anything you want to do, to study, to create, to undertake to grow or improve any aspect in life, how is going to be late? We only have this life, and it’s happening.

We could consider life as a football game of 90 minutes. Someone told me in the 40th minute that it was a little late to win … Then maybe he is 50 losing. You have to go for the match until the referee beeps the end!

For those who don’t remember, Spain won the World Cup with a goal in the 116th minute!

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