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I want to analyze the current social networks, in which I am totally immersed, and scared at the same time, because the rest goes also submerged.

In my case, since I live in England, social networks have been the most effective way to keep in touch with mine in real time. Like many of you reading this, Whatsapp has totally changed the way we communicate, leaving even facebook chat, which already  left behind to msn messenger one day. And this  crossed-platform application allows immediate and free conversation with anyone in the world, and even better, with a group of people at once, being able to exchange messages, audio, your exact position on the map, photos and videos.

Also, and although this title mentioned Skype, I wanted to introduce Apple’s “Facetime“, for those who don’t know, it’s just what Skype always wanted to be. A perfect real time video call, free, no delays or cuts and through any of the Apple devices. This makes you to have that person virtually, but nothing similar to a phone call, because a smile, expression or tear can make the difference to everything said or written. I wonder how far will go this “virtual presence” in the future?


This hyper communication is –paradoxically– leading  us  to a slow and premeditated communication? The written conversations, unlike spoken, have a much longer response time, allowing us to analyze, think, respond, correct and finally send them. We lose spontaneity, the essence and not less important one, the error.

And every how many minutes do you look at your phone? I read an article of “El Pais“, where even the mobile usage was compared with any other addiction, because it causes similar reactions of happiness when you receive text messages, whatsapps, emails, facebook or others. And a similar reaction of sadness when we look at the phone and we have no notice.

Myself, when I was in Mallorca without permanent internet connection with my English phone, I realized two things. The first, I was trying to connect via WIFI when I had the chance to get all “what I was missing” during my holidays … as emails, (funny!) … And second, I realized again of the productive, fast and effective that phone calls to communicate with people are.


And I present what is probably the next one to appear in our lives, if Whatsapp not braked. The WeChat. Very popular already in China and it will spread in the rest of the world. Below I detail some features, which as you will see, collects the best of each house with some social innovations:

  • -Chat. Individual and groups (like WhatsApp) but sending voice conversations as a walkie talkie (as HeyTell)
  • -Moments. A social network where can post all your pictures (like Instagram).
  • -Look around. It tells you who is close to you with the same application giving you the possibility to communicate.
  • -Shake. When you shake the phone shows you who at that time also did in any place in the world, giving you the ability to communicate.
  • -Messages in bottles. Type a message and you throw it to the “sea” to no one in particular. Others or yourself, randomly pick up these “bottles” from the “sea”. Giving you the opportunity to respond.

I wonder how these interpersonal communications will develop in the future. The world becomes increasingly flat thanks to technology, with fewer boundaries, cultural or social barriers.

Every time we are in more places not being, and every time we talk with more people not talking.

Sometimes I get scared…

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