Letter from London 2 years later

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In this second year I speak about progress.

Before leaving Mallorca, I never thought I would be here for two years, I couldn’t imagine how it would go. When English is no longer a problem of communication, I have increased social and professional opportunities, and we already have that, the language.

It was a year of settlement and to enjoy the city in a different way, perhaps more relaxed. Enjoying more of friends than to discover new places. Getting used to play football under the rain, to think that tourists walk slowly at the city center, as I did. A barely stopping for lunch, and forget about taking a nap. I feel integrated.

During this period, every time I’ve traveled to another city, I have thought that London is the best place on earth, at least at my age, at least today, with my current conditions. When I leave, I miss it, it’s complete, lacking only Sun but it’s not its fault.

I have lived some acts I will always remember like the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and how all British people (of all ages) respects her and loves her so much. And second, the fabulous Olympic Games, historical moment in which I was able to attend, a basketball semifinal (Spain – Russia). A massive event organized and monetized to detail (€16 Million benefits without incidents).

Professionally, I tried to progress all the time, to improve the present continuously. I have been promoted twice in my company, I opened an online art store and some other websites for third parties but I’m still hungry. I think I could have done better: climb higher in my job or launch more projects that remain in my mind. But I’m realistic and I know I can’t complain and I have to be patient.

This behaviour has also brought my next step in my career, after two years of working for Regus, I’m off to another company with a very exciting project, a lot to learn and I hope to do my best.

I remember a lot, of course, my people in Spain, but I feel them very close. I am concerned about the current economic situation. My finance teacher advised me that the best investment today is to buy lands in a warm place to sow… it showed me a big pessimism.

If I said in my first letter that the bad part of London was that many people come but then leave after a while, now I add that after another while, many people are going away again, talented people migrate and large cities will benefit and keep growing.

Another cycle is closed and start the third with renewed enthusiasm. Let’s keep talking about progress, not miracles.

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