May – My first start up and a big promotion

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Today I have reasons to celebrate my professional development and as I read in one book, you can’t forget to celebrate your success when they begin.

First because you don’t know how they will evolve and if you will have another chance to celebrate them later. And second, because I have always wanted to share with my people every step in my career, I always feel that I belong to a great team which supports me and encourages me. So I make a toast for all this.

With a special excitement I launched my first business venture, and as I said in my last post “Starting a business in the UK or Spain“, it’s not to make money, just to learn how to manage this business world and its paperwork. This is a online shop of paintings and artworks, EsglaiArt Limited has been registered in the UK with number 07995479 and the website was launched this month with 240 visits within the first two days thanks just to the social networks. Now it’s time to get ranking in Google.

On the other side, I got my second promotion in my company, getting an increase in responsability, pay rise and a new title: “SEM Regional Director for America“, from managing North America to control the entire American continent.

I’m happy to see that they recognize me my hard work, my performance and obviously the numbers. My mind moved from a technical, analyst and individual level to a wider vision of the business and the team, focused on one formula with two keys: The user, the one who search for our products in Google, and on the ROI (return of investment) of the company. So both sides are happy together.

If I keep thinking about this month, I remember that I just finished my first module of my post-degree in the LSBF, I also remember some travels and to spend a fabulous time with great people.

Some days I find it hard to stay in London, let’s be honest. Days that I have to re-read some of my first posts to feel myself lucky to be here, or this same text to realize that I’m doing well.

So today I make a toast for all of you, because if you are reading this last paragraph and you show me an interest, or at least curiosity, about how I’m doing. I hope to pass on you the same support that I receive.

And do not forget to live and to celebrate.

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