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Today I remember that one day a teacher from the UPC said, “It is almost impossible to think of a third world war, each country does business with the rest of the world, importing, exporting .. And many are already multinationals themselves.”

I never aware of it until I realized recently, when I began a post-degree diploma in management in the LSBF of London, where 80% of the class are different nationalities, all studying business, all communicating in English.
The next day at the office I started thinking and I analyzing the people I work with, where 65% are from different countries.

I also mean that most are from outside Europe. And that means talking about different races, cultures, religions, norms, ways of being, acting, dressing, thinking … Men and women alike.

That’s richness! What an opportunity to learn from all these people! Minds so different from mine in many ways, different points of view, obviously different languages ​​…

I’ve realized how little I know in geography (I hadn’t been able to pinpoint many of the countries or cities on a map) and about other religions that are not mine.

Being in London is like putting on glasses views of the world. Coming here has broadened my horizons. I see that the world is completely mixed and that each time there are fewer social barriers. Let no one judge, that everyone has equal opportunities. Globalization. And the common denominator, English!

Also here I am taking the opportunity to see the workings of large companies such as department managers are able to put all these potentials and different brains to work together, for the same purpose, working as a team. As each is adapted to rest proactively. No more local view of entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Much to learn from the people around us.

And is that what mattered was always the brain, and here are brilliant people. But unfortunately in some countries, these brains would be wasted.

This is the case of a very intelligent friend who grew up in a country at war, and later moving to London with an opportunity. It’s weird, or sad, what she told me one day about people in that country, they has no clue that there may be standards of living as Europeans. There the children are used to playing in the street listening bombs and planes in the air, where electricity and water are rationalized by hours, etc.. How difficult is for me to imagine growing up there. If only one day people could have opportunity to choose their life.

And of course, the master tool about globalization is the Internet. The biggest ways of personal interaction as social networks or mobile networks (as whatsapp) that allow me to be in constant contact with people from anywhere in the world, not to mention emails, FaceTime from Apple, Skype, websites, etc.. Information doesn’t belong to any particular location and it’s available to everyone.

I have not traveled outside Europe, but I know people of many countries that hope always keep in touch. I used to think that you have to travel and live in many cities. Now I understand that you only have to go to London or any other city with high diversity.

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