Starting up a business in UK or Spain

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Comparisons are odious. Unless one is willing to learn from those who do it better.

I am currently working on a project to sell online (E-Commerce) that I will uncover later, butwhich represents the start of my first business with a rather serious character, and I intend to immerse myself in everything that entrepreneurs are so scared for: the administrative bureaucracy. Not to mention the investment and risk.

For every idea or business opportunity that comes to my mind or start, I try to consider as a learning experience or as a course, where in this case I want to learn the launching, marketing and online commerce at national or international level ( we will see how the project evolves ), register legally, paying taxes, dealing with suppliers, distributors andeverything that this involves, totally unknown to me. No one guarantee success, nor do I pretend. Just more knowledge for the next business.

I had the first idea: an online shop with European or global shop window, an e-commerce. I do not invent anything new, but I want to use my knowledge in online marketing.

And I had the first question: Where will be the base, in United Kingdom (UK), the countrywhere I live today or in Spain.

Then I start to study business arrangements with one or the other, to be self-employed in Spain or “Freelance” in UK. I also study its impact at the international level from a project inSpanish or in English, although the site is bilingual. Which will give more credibility tointernational customers?

I find that, and correct me if I’m wrong:

  • Self-employed in Spain involves costs about 240€ per month.
  • In UK10 pounds/month.

Undertake in Spain involves start-up costs that, in my particular case, it takes me several months to position the Ecommerce in Google and can have visitors and potential buyers. So, for example in 6 months I would have lost  1.440€ as opposed to 60 pounds.

UK’s mentality is to help to create and to give facilities, and what they call, PAYE or pay as you earn. If you have no income, no pay. And it seems very successful.

It has also been very easy to find information within the pages of the British government. Videos, PDFs, helplines, specialist consultancies, workshops,specific information for ecommerce, import / export of goods, VAT, etc.. I enclose a couple of very useful link for those interested:

Information, tutorials, videos:

Information and register online:

My opinion is that Spain might change little things that would help many families face the crisis. If in the future I find out more useful information or change my mind, will let you know in this post.

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