Letter from London 7 years after

I feel metallic,
At constant speed up, away from the ground,
Increasing my volume with the passage of time.
What attracts me, is that magnetic island of which I spoke in the first letter, attracting me with more and more force to this big metal that moves away. The attraction grows, like the dilemma. When will I return? I have been in this other island for 7 years, which is not magnetic, but magnificent. The magnificent island.
Why metallic? Because every year I feel stronger and stronger. On a personal level, by marrying Ester and wanting to start a family, and professionally, I feel more confident, believing that I can convince people to see me as a valuable resource for their company.
Why are you moving away at a steady speed upwards? Because I continue to progress in my company, I continue to work hard starting new projects in which I learn and may help me generate passive income so I can free my time.
Why increase my volume? I relate my volume to the value I can give to others. Every month I gain more experience in everything I do, I learn about new issues and based on challenges and failures, I prepare myself to avoid them in the future.

I only allow myself Netflix

In 2017 I have published 2 books, the same but in two languages ​​with which most of the globe is covered. Visibility Online. I have designed a brand of baby rearview car mirrors, BabyLind. And you know what? I also didn’t speak English before, nor did I think I could write a book, make a website, or create a new brand.
Long ago also said that I didn’t have time for anything. Now I see that I still have a little time to travel, go to the gym on a daily basis, take care of my relationship with my wife, and be totally focused on a company 8 hours a day. Apart from watching Nextflix.
The books have been written and formatted during the flights or the hours in which I move to work. Continuous learning of new skills I learn with audiobooks while lifting weights in the gym. New webs or products created at weekends. I do not watch TV, I do not go to parties, I do not sleep until 11 on Sundays, I do not listen to music if it’s not as background, I’m not going to drink beers or coffee.

I do not talk to my comfort zone anymore

In addition to this, this year I had the opportunity to present along with my boss to one of the most important people in the marketing industry and the GE company, Linda Boff, Global CMO. A fantastic leader, and a person as human and friendly as any other.
To help companies in Mallorca as a business consultant to grow their business, their visibility on the Internet, their profitability, management of personnel and resources as well as their efficiencies.
I no longer remember when I and my comfort zone were great friends.

Although nothing is comparable to a wedding

I could say that the wedding has been one of the happiest days of my life to date. I thought it was a topic, but it really is something very special for the simple fact that we had all we love, and who love us, under the same roof celebrating the union. A unique opportunity to tell everyone how much we love them. And so we did.

I conclude my seventh in 7:

  • Do not read me, write.
  • Reduce your time on Instagram and create real stories.
  • Think of something longer term than a year, and something larger than yourself.
  • Use any unused time.
  • Stop buying, and sell.
  • Do not teach, learn.
  • Help, do not ask.


And the big question I ask myself is, will I maintain this growth when I switch from the magnificent to the magnetic? Or will I continue to write letters from London for many more years?
Place your bets on the comments below!

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