Key tips to create attractive content that will be shared

Social value

We share things to look good, either because we are the first to do it or because we want to show our participation in something. Make sure your content adds that social value to users, so they feel the need to share.

Does talking about your brand make them look good?


Sharing contents that arouse emotions play an important role in helping us connect with one another. The positive emotions that we share the most are admiration, humor and excitement. On the flip side, the most shared negative emotions are anger and anxiety. Other contents, sweet, nice or sad, aren’t really shared.

Does talking about your brand bring any emotion to them?


Practical value

Another reason people share is because they can help or inform about a solution. If they can find usefulness in a piece of your content or brand, they will tell about their finding to someone else. If it’s free, of course.

If you think this book has good tips to help your friend’s business to be more visible, wouldn’t you recommend it?



People like to imitate what others do. Yes, it sounds like an animal instinct, but it works. There are so many alternatives for each solution, but you regularly choose the one chosen by most people,  as in the same way you want most people to choose your product or solution.

When developing a brand or product, make sure it’s visible and people see it when your customers use it, easy enough to be identified so it advertises itself.

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