How to make money online

Here I will explain some techniques to monetize your content online, whether it is a website, a blog or photos. Also, some other considerations that you will have to care about for a long term sucess and to understand that everything you do and work on represents your brand.

The first thing to remember before keep reading is: Generating money online requires:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Constancy and consistency

Types of online content that could generate economic returns:

  • Blogs and websites
  • Photography
  • Video
  • eBooks


Blogs and websites


To have a profitable website will depend on:

  • How well known and established it is.
  • Its quality (Offering a good user experience. We are all users, you know what you like or dislike. I don’t like a website full of ads either)
  • Traffic you receive weekly or followers / fans you have.


Generate good content for blogs and websites is the most difficult and well paid of this industry. Not for your own site only, but for other sites that will pay to you to write their content. There are a couple of sites where you can create, upload and sell your content:


How to make money from blogs and websites

It comes down to the following list of options:

Free v Payment

Give free things, either information or files. People love it. This will bring more visitors to your website and consequently more brands will be interested in that promotional products.

You must build an online authority, but when you get it, brands will ask you to talk about their products and themselves will be promoting you in their social networks.

Works with PR agencies or companies that see you as a referent.


Place ads on your website and earn money each time someone click on them. You can use Google Adsense network or other more premium as Nexus. Or you can also negotiate individually with the Brand for each banner placed on your website, getting paid more than through Google.

Try different types of structure for your pages with ads and analyze which gets the highest number of clicks / revenue.


Create a Guest Blog where brands can create a post on your blog, while you get paid to insert links to their website. Remember to clearly show to your users that you have been paid for that content, be honest with them or you will lose your reputation.

If you place links to your website, make sure they are no-follow and that are not permanent, but they has to be renewed year on year (your worth next year could be greater than this).

Put an alarm on your calendar so you do not forget to remind them.

Create a spreadsheet with a list of all the links you have on your web pages with pricing, renewal dates, etc.


You can sell products referencing other websites and take a commission on sales. It usually works best in low cost products.

If you have an ecommerce, it is not advisable to show products from other stores, because you’d be educating users to visit those places the next time they need something similar.



That either a brand write on your blog or you write it on theirs.

To write reviews or comments of their products.

To make social media publications about the brand or its products.

Join on twitter conversations about the brand, defending it or speaking well of it.

Review a new product that is launched tothe market.



A brand sponsors you buying tools / clothing / products you need to write about in your blog. As an ambassador of the brand. For example, if you have a fashion blog, a brand sponsors you giving you all the clothes that you show to your followers.



  • Know perfectly the brand you are going to represent to.
  • Do not say yes to any deal.
  • Understands excpectations in return for their payment.
  • Discuss the details deeply.
  • Delivery on time and earn a reputation
  • Be honest. If you have to comment on a product is bad, tell them you can not. If it will not affect your reputation.
  • Delayed delivery if not realitas.
  • They also try to promote you.


If you are a photographer, this is the presence on the internet you should have:

  • Web
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook


To withdraw money from the pictures you could consider these options:


Stock Photos

Exiten several web where you can sell your photos, such as:


Fotograía social networks

  • Crowdmedia: Photos can be downloaded for a small number
  • Scoopshot: news photos made ​​from mobile.
  • For websites: clearly defines the rights they have on the image, for example, whether they can print it, edit it, in the few places they can put a maximum for how long they can use, etc. As best details.




  • Be aware of your value.
  • Knows the partner to cut deals: Its size, experience, budget.
  • Negotiate the deal to be always good for both sides: Let them say the price first. Do not be scared to say NO.
  • Measures quality and traffic.
  • Measures the recognition of your brand and your brand.
  • Watch your followers on social networks.
  • As the sector is segmented, you might have more success.

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