Letter from London a year later

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After a year, I sit with myself to think about the decision I made coming to London and what this city has given me. I Left a lot in Majorca, or as some call it, the Magnetic Island,  because it’s so difficult to leave it, or so easy to go back. I guess you can get away, but most eventually return. A year later, I wonder, has it only been a year?

Here everything goes very fast. It’s like living in a double or triple speed. It’s been so many good things and some bad, I have met so many people, all good, I can’t imagine not having lived them or not having known them.

When you arrive, London will test, evaluate if you are able to be with her, if you will be faithful to her. Some people who came did not like her, though I think it was to London who didn’t like them. It is not an easy city, it’s expensive, there are many jobs you can choose, but many bad. Many apartments and houses and areas in which to live, but many bad. Making mistakes in the plan may make you return earlier than planned. Yes, I talked about the plan. And there were those who came without one.

Once you pass this filter, and enter into British life, the possibilities offered in this city are endless. From professional to personal. All the major technology companies (as far as I’m concerned) are here, but also from the hand of those growing up. So many people you can meet from around the world and therefore that can make you doubt whether it’s necessary to visit more countries. Hopefully we are always in touch, friends. Yes, exactly, so good is that the whole world comes to live in London, as bad that most have left or will leave.

I miss people in Mallorca, family, people who make you stronger. Here you need to become stronger with new people, and that means to miss now people in NY, France, Barcelona, Argentina, Russia, Italy, Madrid, Singapore, South Africa, Mexico, Canada or Australia.

I remember once a girl from Madrid living in Mallorca told me that she produced a lot more in Madrid, living in Mallorca had made her drowsy, relaxed. Now I see it very clearly. In Mallorca you can live very well, too much. In Mallorca you have almost everything done (I speak for me) and you have sun, and you have the beach, and you have friends, a steady job … It’s comfortable, peaceful, quiet … But that is not for me. Now I’m hungry, I do not want comfort. Now that I’m here, my head thinks, creates, develops, processes, exceeds the limit is set, it fails, mark the times and breaks them. It’s not that London generates inspiration, but I apply a working attitude. London is the place and the space to grow and develop oneself.

If anyone doubts to leave or not, you wonder if you are wanting for more, to want experience in something new and to meet new people. I understand that this is not a general thought, is my opinion. Perhaps this move did not go well, but today I think the bad move was not to play.

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