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On Wednesday, May 1 was celebrated International Communication Congress organized by the World Media Press, a publisher of titles such as Time, The Economist, Fortune, National Geographic, bloomberg markets or the wall street journal.

The speakers were:

Marco de Vito – star alliance

Sylvain Valeix – UM international

Paul Bay – citizenbay

Dan Calladine – carat

Gary Armitage – mindshare

Nicholas Bate – strategic edge

Gavin Duke – mediacom

Gavin Reeder – omd international

Guy Abrahams – zenithoptimedia

Mike Roberts – scott roberts negotiating

It was a very inspiring session, especially by three speakers and whose I detail below some of their references, phrases or ideas.

Sylvano, explained how to make a good approximation to customers, always studying them in depth before any meeting and worrying and getting involved about their needs and their goals.

“Deliver the unexpected”, “go to the extra mile” demonstrating to customers your passion, proactivity and involvement in their projects.

Nicholas Bate, great communicator, probably one of the best I’ve seen in my career, explained key concepts to be more successful in your career.

“The good thing is not enough.”

“Being excellent means having options.”

“Be outstanding, means that you will no longer do a job interview. ”

He explained how to be excellent and the only trick is to work hard. Stephen King was asked which advise would give to young writers to succeed and he said, “get up every day and write” no more secret. King wrote 29 novels before a publisher accepted the first.

“Excellence = believe in capabilities x attention x skills”

After the quantity, comes quality.”

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Mr. Bate made us to write the beginning of a novel, based on questions that he was doing, (what has happened in the pub?, What was written on the right side of the notebook? ..) And we had to not stop to write. We wrote for ten minutes without stopping. He proved us how we could all write a novel.

Then he continued talking about time management:

“People only look at their CV in bad times, when they look for a new job. Or people look after their health when they are ill.”

You have to invest more time and money in youserlf, grow your CV from time to time even if you do have job, take care of your health daily.

This also contradicts what many people do, a list of things “to do”, all always based in a short term. He suggests making a long-term things that MUST be made in one month, one year, five years.

Finally Mike Roberts explained the basis for negotiating better with customers, trying to always seek a win-win relationship. The smarter we get, the worse we tend to negotiate and persuade and convince rather than seeking mutual benefit.

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