Letter from London 3 years later

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We get used to everything

Each annual letter I write I find it harder to find the difference or novelty. To be honest, I don´t feel that much the excitement and surprise of discovering things and meet more and more people. London is my home and I feel thoroughly mixed with the environment.


I started in another company in January this year and in September I was already promoted. Companies in England are taken very seriously your career, your progression and making effor to keep you glad. That is something to appreciate, a different mentality from other countries (or companies).

Professionally I have reached the top in my career to date and still very hungry. In this new comany, one of the largest in the world, I have learned that I have much to learn, and I think that is vital for professional development.

Thought 1:

Now that I think about it, the only time that I may have failed during these three years has been when I thought I knew or assumed something. Now that I think, maybe in my personal life too.

Working on my CV

With my goal always in mind: to undertake several businesses, now I try to soak up any topic I don´t understand a lot, whether or not to do with my industry or any possible line of my business. I open my eyes, I hear, read magazines about any topic to see what happens. I visit museums, exhibitions or shows even if I think that maybe I won´t enjoy them, and finally not enjoying them (such as ballet ), and anything that happens in London and I feel the need I have to take the chance. I think it’s a good mentality.

Curriculum vitaes are gone, now we talk about professional value and to add value to the company. There are many qualified candidates without work (unfortunately), so forget that a career means work. We can not stop working on our curriculum. To add value to ourselves.

During this third year I kept going to conferences about anything like the CEO of google (The more I know about the digital world, the more it scares me), presentations of facebook and twitter, a fantastic businessman who I have already bought 3 books from, a photographer from national geographic or the fantastic bartender that I had to write a post on this blog for letting me fascinated .

In addition to career advancement, learning in my personal life and to completed the post-certificate in management and finance in LSBF, I could undertook with a friend: segundaortopedia.com, a new project that will try to help people with problems by providing a website of orthopedic equipment for second hand sale, lowering the costs of orthopedics need.

Mallorca and its magnetism…

Every year that passes, it´s not that I miss more my family, friends or life in Mallorca, but I appreciate all more each time I travel there. Last summer we went to discover hidden beaches that before I didn´t know and I´m sure many Mallorcan still don´t know .

Thought 2:

I realized one thing. It’s a shame that people get used to beauty, to good, to what for many would be a pleasure, a luxury, a fantasy. It would be smart to add that unfortunately people also get used to bad.

Tourists watch the sunset on beautiful beaches with their families and they would like to be residents to enjoy that every day. The problem is that residents do not realize . They’re used to that beauty.

In this third letter I must admit I ‘m getting used to this magic, great and beautiful city. Maybe next year my letter titled as “Letter from outside Mallorca , 4 years later.” Because yes, I go for the 4th one!

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