To work in your passion. Become the best.

I do not write this for me. Still. Yes, I love my job, my responsibility and my team. but,

These past few weeks I have attended to professional conferences and demonstrations that have made me see how far the love for your profession can go. Professions totally different from engineering or marketing, both away from the office, emails or large budgets. I´m going to tell two very different examples that I hope I wake up the same admiration as they did:

Michael Nichols

Award- wining National Geographic Photographer.

In a conference he explained how developed his career, his steps by different publications until to National Geographic and the satisfaction of living with nature and to catch its most spectacular moments while trying to improve the world with his critical reporting of society at the same time.

For his last work, he spent two years living in cars and villages, always accompanied by his wife (naturist) for lost landscapes in Africa with the only passion to photograph the most beautiful and tender side of the animals, including elephants and lions.

Nichols always uses his art and creativity to criticize what is wrong in the world, trying to educate the world organizations that traffic in ivory and its customers, according to him, mainly the Chinese market.

A career that has led him to be named best photographer in the world on several international awards plus others for the best photographs.

Nicolas Saint-Jean

4 times World Champion flair bartender (acrobatic mode of cocktail)

mejor bartenderIn an exhibition and trade fair on cocktails and rum, Nicolas did a master class for bartenders about to not only serve the best cocktail, but also show to the client that he is going to drink the best one.

The quality is very subjective. A job well done is not enough. It also has to be sold as such.

Nicolas explained why it is important to take time to prepare the drink, as it is important to adapt the body language and spoken to the client according to the environment in which it is located (differentiating their attitude when working in a 5 star hotel or in a club).

Equally important is each element of the drink, each item that is in the bar, the decor, visual and aromatic, acrobatics with shaker, bottles, etc.. In short, entertainment and dedication prepare this cocktail.

Enjoy his demostration below:

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