Letter from London 4 years after

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But London liked me.

I’ve spent 13% of my life in London and I’m planning to be a bit longer. A percentage is good way to realize about the time I have been without my parents and family or what they have been without me.

I think this percentage should be limited sooner or later. The time and with whom you spend it’s is all that matters.

But London liked me. It’s nice with me!

I said in my first letter: “If London doesn’t like you, it gets your money and send you back home.” Now I realize that it can take your money but let you stay.

London liked me and it doesn’t let me go.

My professional career improve every year, probably in a premature pace for the this industry. When you get to merge your job with your hobby then you begin to stand out. You begin to leave behind those who are just doing. In my third letter I mentioned my new company and a promotion some months after. In this one, I speak about my new company again.

A hobby,

I’m a bit worried to get away from engineering, but I realize that I enjoy doing online marketing, I feel myself useful, saying to big brands (like Apple or General Electric) what they should do to be more successful. They do and they benefit from it in someway.


I enjoy leading teams. It has been the hardest challenge, what has taught me more during this year. Put a group of people to work together and look after their development and success not only as a team but also as individuals.

Big plans,

 Many people realize that they have moved forward when they see what has been left behind, but for me, contrary to my some-years-ago thinking, the road is not only bi-dimensional. Personal progress is not a line with a final purpose, but the trajectory in function of time and the learning which defines the trend.

Easier: My big plan would be to overcome the “space” and associate with “time”. Do more in each shorter period regardless of where. Leave the longer period for what really matters.

Even easier: My big plan is to keep trying to start up successfully and to be able to work remotely.

I just remembered one of the best quotes that distinguishes a freelancer of an entrepreneur: “Entrepreneur makes money while they sleep. It’s when you have a larger business than yourself “.

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