I have been thinking for a long time of creating a new project that helps people less fortunate, put my two cents in those with a psychic, physical or economic problems, but I didn’t come up with the idea.

segundaortopedia creadorThen a friend of mine, Candy Piña (Physiotherapist specializing in children) commented me the difficulties that children with physical problems had throughout its evolution and growth, time to time they had to renew their orthopedic material meaning a high spend for their parents, whom she observed as some of them needed products when others had just left them in the closet for no reuse.

We saw an opportunity to help both through a system of buying and selling, and geographical barriers were broke when this idea became onlne. The online marketing, web design and development and search engine ranking did the rest.

I introduce segundaortopedia.com, site and leading company specialized in buying and selling orthopedic used product (second hand) in Spain. Put your two cents sharing it in your social networks.

First version (October 2013)


Second version (2016)


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