I have always wanted to build own businesses when I create websites, believing in my online skills about ranking pages in search engines and to make websites that can cover some needs of society helping others, as it does deportemallorca, esglaiart or segundaortopedia.
It was time to create a website or business that itself serves to help other logo visibilidad onlinecompanies offering them exactly my strong skill, digital marketing, so I introduce Esglai marketing, as the website and mother of all previous companies. Here we offer to our own business and to other small businesses these opportunities below:

  • SEO – search engine optimisation
  • Web Design
  • Development of optimized pages for any mobile device such as tables or smartphones
  • Creating online stores or e-commerces as an extension of the physical store
  • Pay per click advertising in search engines (Google and Bing Adwords ads) and social networks (facebook, twitter , pinterest , tumblr , etc. )
  • Consulting services to define the digital strategy customised to each client

visibilidad online


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