Web Rank in search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) and online advertising with Google Adwords and Bing (Pay-Per-Click)

My experience and passion for online marketing originated in my first job when one of my responsibilities was the acquisition of customers for any of the services offered. We understood that, rather than going in search of customers in a totally inefficient way, we just had to be when and where they look for any of our services.

Definitely this space is internet and and the time is 24 hours, 7 days a week.

This practice always went hand in hand with care of the website and SEO features for freepositioning in search engines, because if the customer could find for free for us, the better!

It was in the building where the development deportemallorca.es HTML and PHP was carefully implemented to have a good and quick positioning in Google, and two months after launch, the website showed on the first page of Google results for the most frequently used keywords and relevant.

It has already been in my first job in London, England, where I received more training and responsibility managing PPC accounts (Pay-per-click) in a multinational advertising campaigns targeted in North America (U.S. and Canada). Surprised by the high budget that large firms handle I give it more importance now to online marketing, if it’s possible, because obviously those numbers are translated into revenue and post profit.

improve CTR, conversion, Conv Rate of english campaigns target in North America

My work consists of designing, control and analyzing everything involving publicity campaigns, search engine advertising and content network (web pages) advertising, ad groups, campaigns, keywords, landing pages (where customers direct  when clicking on the ads), tracking codes (for tracking conversions), analysis of conversions and revenue generated, cost-benefit analysis, efficiency, testing, etc

We are also in constant touch with experts from Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing who advise us and also maintaining regular telephone meetings with U.S. offices.

Successfully you can see how improved the performance of campaigns in North America (in English) since I came to the company in December 2010, increasing the CTR (ratio of number of times an ad appears and the times it is clicked) or also known as the quality of the ads / keywords. As well as the percentage of convesión (Conversion rate, in the green figure) that shows how increase the percentage conversions respect clicks to get them. It has also reduced the cost per conversion, improved average ad position, etc..

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